Pushing result of GetDefaultByType into array causes crash.

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Pushing result of GetDefaultByType into array causes crash.

Post by Accensus »

Tested with GZDoom 4.4.1 x64.

The title may be misleading due to character limit. The array is a class array.

Can be reproduced like this:
1. Get Bullet-Eye (that's where I discovered it; guaranteed to crash)
2. Open the mod and navigate to ZActors/Weapons/BEWeaponBase.zsc, Line 345. Where it says

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change that to

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then start a new game, type "summon newweaponcapsule", and shoot it. It will immediately crash to desktop.

I could try to cook up a smaller example if deemed necessary.
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Graf Zahl
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Re: Pushing result of GetDefaultByType into array causes cra

Post by Graf Zahl »

The example is fine. This should have aborted at compile time for a type mismatch, but the compiler does not catch this particular one.

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