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GZDoom Archipelago support

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Over the past couple of days I've been messing around with trying to implement support for https://archipelago.gg/ , which is a system of game randomizers that implement multiplayer, requiring players to grab key items for other players in their own games and vice versa. There is already a project I've found where someone has modified crispy doom to support Archipelago, but I want to handle how things are randomized differently then they have, want to make this support mods with zscript and the like, and ofcourse just feel at home with GZDoom.

My main goal is to try and accomplish this without modifying GZDoom in any way and to hopefully be able to use just zscript and an external client to connect to the game but so far it seems like I can only interface with the game through multiplayer and it feels clunky to have to do that alongside modifying the game to function like singleplayer again, hide the second "fake" player, and also figure out how exactly to send packets to trick GZDoom into thinking my python script is actually another instance of doom.

I was wondering if anyone would have any insight into how I could go about interfacing with GZDoom externally either without requiring GZDoom to be set to multiplayer or modifying the engine itself, or if I should just give up on that?

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