GZDoom Options Menu Guide

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GZDoom Options Menu Guide

Post by Casualfan »

I love the amount of options that GZDoom has...but holy crap there are a lot of options, and I remember being completely overwhelmed as a first-time user.

What I'm proposing is a sub-forum that goes through each option in the menu and explains what it does, with screenshots or examples to demonstrate. Now you might be thinking, "just go into the menu and figure it out yourself." This is valid, except that (at least for me) changing some options don't seem to make an obvious change to the game. For example, I see the difference between trilinear filtering and no filtering, but I don't see any when going from none to bilinear. Then there's all the compatibility options that I don't touch for fear of messing something up.

Obviously this would be a huge task because of the shear number of options, but even a short explanation for many of them would clear up a lot.

Just a thought. Take it or leave it :)
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Re: GZDoom Options Menu Guide

Post by Rachael »

The Wiki is actually supposed to cover this and it was created specifically for this kind of thing in mind.

That being said, because of spammers and other fuckery getting an editing account is now fairly hard, but if you ask the right people in the right thread it can be done.
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Re: GZDoom Options Menu Guide

Post by wildweasel »

It turns out this has existed for a while; all that's really needed is to get it up to date with the current GZDoom menu layout, and possibly add screenshot comparisons.

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