Slab6 mouse problem

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Slab6 mouse problem

Post by gayzad »

I'm brand new to voxels. I use MagicaVoxel and Slab6. I can't set the offset using Slab6, because the mouse moves away from the Slab6 window and I can't use anything, except the File menu. The model is stuck in the floor when testing in GZDoom. How do I fix this?
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Re: Slab6 mouse problem

Post by ramon.dexter »

You jus have to try and try and try...slab6 is sometimes little bit hard to use :)
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Re: Slab6 mouse problem

Post by Jarewill »

You could try doing the following:

Open Slab6's properties.

Select the compatibility tab.

"Change high DPI settings"

And select the override to be made by the application.

That seemed to have fixed it for me.

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