[Released] Journey To Hell

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[Released] Journey To Hell

Post by DamTheGreat »

After a WAAAY too long development time (due to my severe issues with keeping motivated), it's finally here! My first map pack: Journey to Hell. I had posted a thread about a year ago announcing it, but I never posted any updates, so I create a new one to not necro the old one.

12 new levels (10 normal, 2 secret), new sounds, new graphics, one new music track (in the super secret level). I didn't implement difficulty, so it's meant to be played on the easiest.

EDIT: forgot to mention: has to be played with GZDoom and mouselook is required.

EDIT2: New version with fixed issues

EDIT3: Even newer versions with more issues fixed


https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u8kfhX ... sp=sharing

Thank you to everyone here in the community who helped out with the various issues I faced during development!

Now for a bit of history of the pack, skip this bit if you only care about the level:

Development time took very long (over a year) due to my aforementioned issues with motivation and also because at several points I ran out of ideas. There is a bit of a learning curve noticable in the pack, although it's not apparent, as I designed the levels out of order, As I progressively acquired new knowledge, for example, quite a few levels have no 3D floors, then I learned about them and started implementing them in my levels, same with PolyObjects. The last few levels I designed (MAP08 and MAP12) are quite complex, script-wise. Also, during development time, I acquired a Shutterstock license, so I went all out with new graphics in those last two levels
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Re: [Released] Journey To Hell

Post by Dynamo »

Congrats on getting this finished, it's quite the feat to release a mappack by yourself in only a year, actually, if you're not an experienced mapper. Some of the messages at the start of some levels are a bit superfluous in my opinion but it's a minor thing. :)

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