Raze 1.1.1 released

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Graf Zahl
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Lead GZDoom+Raze Developer
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Raze 1.1.1 released

Post by Graf Zahl »

Download (OpenGL 3.3 and higher required Visit the new homepage (still under construction)

This is a bugfix release addressing the following issues:
  • Blood: fixed null pointer crash in actBurnSprite.
  • SW: Abort GetInput immediately if no valid sprite is attached to the given player. This could crash the game when starting a new level.
  • Skip the load screen if the level is started from the console to allow immediate use of level-dependent commands.
  • handle savegame loads like GZDoom. They are synchronized with the game loop and should not be initiated directly from the menu.
  • route savegame requests through the newwork, just like GZDoom does. Fixes savegame indexing issues
  • SW: fixed signed-ness issues with SOP-related angle checks.
  • SW: fixed ammo pickup amount.
  • SW: replaced some asserts with proper value checks. These asserts can actually be triggered by some maps with incorrect setups.
  • fixed error message spam when trying to load a non-existent voxel using .def.
  • Exhumed: Fixed weapon swaying intensity, introduced by e76f63e2c0d32af278104e391e8d2df119598e2a
  • take down the savegame loader's resources in proper order.
  • clear the sky flag off two more sectors in WT's "Skyline" map. This addresses a mapping error that glitches to varying degrees depending on the renderer.

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