the house of flesh wip

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haruko haruhara
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the house of flesh wip

Post by haruko haruhara »

i have not released a wad here since the last version of monster horde randomizer so i thought to release my horror wads here i need to improve them through but im trying here im trying my best i mean well there is not much to say besides the requirements to play

the house of flesh zandronum gzdoom since i did not use skulltag assets

map01 its complete with exit but it needs some fixing like a better ending

without further to do here is the download link ... e.wad/file

hevn demonic for the guns
for textures i don't remember if i did remember i would put the people here
this was inspired by wads like nightmare maze 5 and science hazard both wads were made by hevn demonic hence TheOutDoomers

any tips on the map what should be improved just tell me and i can try to fix it! but it will be a 3 or 4 map wad it just needs to be worked on more

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