Damaging Floor Patch for The Plutonia Experiment

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Rip and Tear
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Damaging Floor Patch for The Plutonia Experiment

Post by Rip and Tear »

This patch adds the missing consistency to The Plutonia Experiment's damaging floors. With this patch applied, all (and only) damaging floors will use either nukage or lava textures. This mod only changes the textures— gameplay is not affected.

This patch does not contain modified Plutonia maps; it uses the new LevelPostProcessor feature to modify the existing maps when they are loaded. This also means that this patch has complete savegame compatibility. Levels are identified by their checksums, so you can safely add this to your autoload without worrying about it affecting other maps.
GZDoom 4.3.1 or later required.
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Re: Damaging Floor Patch for The Plutonia Experiment

Post by theleo_ua »

big thanks for the example mod, very appreciated!

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