Regeneration v3 (by Sr69Mm-jC)

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Regeneration v3 (by Sr69Mm-jC)

Post by Hexereticdoom »

I put this here, for anyone that is interested (and before original download page/link gets lost). :!:

Description: This is a generic regeneration WAD that allows you to recover automatically your health, total or partially, depending how you configure it. It works 100% with any IWAD (tested personally with Doom, FreeDoom, Heretic and Hexen), for more instructions and optional setup read the TXT file included in the ZIP file.

WARNING: This WAD file is not done by me, all credits goes to his original author Sr69Mm-jC.

Greetings, saludos... 8-)
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Re: Regeneration v3 (by Sr69Mm-jC)

Post by Xtyfe »

So it makes Doom more "modern"?
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Re: Regeneration v3 (by Sr69Mm-jC)

Post by JacobHeartless »

Not really "modern", but it does gives you some backup health if you play with monsters that likes to rip your fucking face off
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Re: Regeneration v3 (by Sr69Mm-jC)

Post by YasuoProjectX »

when im died + resurrect cheat, the health regen becomes 2x fast per resurrect
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Re: Regeneration v3 (by Sr69Mm-jC)

Post by r&r »

Different types of regen speeds would be nice.

like slow ever 1 second you only gain 1 hp

or "realistic" health regen mod where
if your hp is around 99 to 75 you'll gain 1 hp per second
but if your hp is below 75 to 50 you'll gain 1 hp every 3 seconds
and if the hp is 50 and below it's 1 hp every 6 seconds.

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