Smooth Weapons Enhanced [v3.2.1]

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Re: Smooth Weapons Enhanced [v3.2.1]

Post by NightFright »

The link is in the Github ticket, but here's a direct link. Note that new soundfiles for the shotguns are required which are only used if the option is activated.
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Re: Smooth Weapons Enhanced [v3.2.1]

Post by kalensar »

NightFright wrote:There should also be a new release again at some point in the near future. It's been almost two years since the last update and quite a few commits have accumulated since then. Anyway, we'll wait for Nash's stuff first.
As for the shotgun reload interruption, copying it from my other mod shouldn't be too hard since I also used ZScript code there. I am just not sure how it integrates with Nash's code, so I'll better leave it to him.
Heres some code I can donate from my FEAR in Doom mod for the Pump Action Shotgun. Its a modified base off the ZScript Generic Weapon Reload System from here at ZDoom Forum that I converted to Decorate and modified to make work. Its basically the shortest coded perfectly working shotgun built in Decorate that features ammo count, clip count, Chamber reload, interruption fire during reload. Basically all the bells and whistles one expects from a shotgun.
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Re: Improving PerK's smooth animations mod

Post by Suposetodo »

Slax wrote:Don't have any video editing software right now otherwise I'd do a side by side weapons comparison thing. Dang.
Maybe someone more versed in vanilla behavior could compare this stuff without even needing to do any recording. (Wink wink. Anyone?)
Just use Movavi Screen Recorder . You will be able to create and upload the videos in a couple of minutes. If you will face some troubles, just look through the other sections of the website to find step-by-step guides.
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Re: Smooth Weapons Enhanced [v3.2.1]

Post by Tormentor667 »

Did anyone else notice a bug that comes up when launching this with WadSmoosh?

Code: Select all

Script error, "perk_enhanced.pk3:zscript/zperkhandler.zc" line 76:
Unknown class name 'ZPerkPistol' of type 'Inventory'
Script error, "perk_enhanced.pk3:zscript/zperkhandler.zc" line 83:
Unknown class name 'ZPerkFist' of type 'Inventory'
Script error, "perk_enhanced.pk3:zscript/zperkhandler.zc" line 109:
Unknown class name 'ZPerkFist' of type 'Actor'
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Re: Smooth Weapons Enhanced [v3.2.1]

Post by Daedalus »

Just a quick question, the text file states that people can modify/reuse assets but I'd thought I'd ask here first to be sure.

Would it be possible for me release a fork of this mod which includes reanimations and a few extra features? Of course everything that was the in original pk3 will be intact apart from the modifications.

EDIT: I'm just going to assume you don't mind or care and release it anyway and go from the text file permissions, if it's a problem just let me know.

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