Death Specials on lines don't activate if damager isn't player or monster

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Death Specials on lines don't activate if damager isn't player or monster

Post by Zikar »

It seems that Death Specials on lines with health won't activate if the damage was caused by something other than a player or a monster.

I tried damaging a wall through LineAttack(ACS) and, while it does reduce the wall's HP, it won't activate its special.

Barrel explosions activated with OPEN scripts also don't activate a wall's Death Special, but if the barrel is destroyed with an ENTER script then it will work.

I haven't tested sector damage or Damage Specials.

The WAD contains 4 walls, one with a barrel destroyed by and ENTER script, one destroyed an OPEN script and one with a switch that fires a LineAttack.
The other is just for shooting to show it works normally.
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