Action Doom: Rampage Edition is broken on new GZDoom

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Action Doom: Rampage Edition is broken on new GZDoom

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So the first Action Doom got a remaster out of nowhere for new GZDooms (4.8.2+) and has been worth re-experiencing the classic with new conveniences and features.
However, not everything is okay and I am not sure why.

The big one is that the boat section is literally unplayable, as soon as you start it, the boat gets stuck before it even enters the canyon. I tried talking to Scuba Steve about this, but even he is at a loss for words as to why it doesn't work.

I only got it to work once when using console "map map02", one lucky break after letting 4.9 create a new ini (which doesn't save your resolution settings if you just apply, but don't save, it goes to 320x200, for some reason) and then never again, went back to being broken.
But now the mod is completely unplayable on 4.9, because once you beat the Gun Wall at the end of Contra Resurgence and enter the elevator, it just crashes, no crash log whatsoever.

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