Blood Rebirth - RELEASE (Kinda)

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Re: Blood Rebirth

Postby BreakerMaker » Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:34 pm

"This is better than Kool-Aid" -Caleb
I hope to see more of this project in time.
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Re: Blood Rebirth

Postby ghostboy1225 » Wed Aug 15, 2018 1:00 am

when you eventually decide to distribute this could it be like BD 64? where theres the map pack, weapons/gameplay replacer as separate things? then have a iwad version for those who want it
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Re: Blood Rebirth - We live again!!

Postby Gato303 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 10:19 am

It looks pretty nice overall, tho I'm not sure about the dual weilding guns, I mean, in the original Blood you got dual weilding guns when picking up the "akimbo" powerup and lasted a certain amount of time, before it expires and go back to normal single weilding guns :) :D
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Re: Blood Rebirth - We live again!!

Postby SamVision » Tue Jan 08, 2019 3:24 pm

Whoa bump, what is the state of the project?
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Re: Blood Rebirth - We live again!!

Postby Ahpiox » Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:06 am

It's worth the wait! Effects, gameplay is pretty neat.
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Re: Blood Rebirth - We live again!!

Postby ABalen » Mon Feb 18, 2019 1:31 pm

Hi, I dont know if you are still working on the project, but I would like to help in some ideas!
Well, for some time now I came across this relic, and I can only imagine how many possibilities this mod has!
Seeing some of your videos on youtube I realized that you have added some weapons with your own ammo and changed some classic game weapons attacks
The results are fantastic, so I thought I could throw something to expand on that idea! I organized everything by weapons slots to be easier to understand:

Slot 1) Pitchfork - The weapon doesnt have a secondary attack, so why not add a secondary charge attack, but that needs to hold it for some time to happen.
Axe - I dont know if it will be included in the final version. But it could add a secondary attack that throws the axe, and being able to catch it again on the ground. (Mod that already add the axe to the game). (In this mod for Doom, the secondary attack of the axe throws it, works very well).

Slot 3) Winchester Rifle - By looking at the videos, looks like the angle of the sprite is slightly different from the other weapons, the weapon should be more in the center.

Slot 4) Mini-Gun - You could add a rare weapon that completely destroys everything it hits, and the secondary makes the gun's barrel spin and alerts enemies. And, for balancing purposes, you get ammo just by picking up the gun, and you cant use two at the same time. You could call it The Beast, or something. (the Sprite I figured would match well with the weapon)

Slot 5) Flamethrower - Weapon that uses gasoline as ammo, and the secondary attack releases gasoline that, in contact with the fire, keeps the ground burning. But you cant use two at the same time, like the Napalm Launcher. (Mod that already add the weapon to the game, but without the secundary attack)

Slot 7) Molotov - It could make the place burn (like the secundary attack of the Flamethrower), but without the explosion of the secondary attack of Aerosol Can. In the secondary attack could make the bottle roll in the floor so it wont break on impact. (mod for Doom/Blood who added the Molotov, watch the video at 1:13)

Slot 8) Tesla Coil - Weapon that charge a lightning bolt that blows up a single target, like a rail gun/sniper. Secondary could electrify and cause a stunt effect on enemies close to the player, but uses a lot of ammunition during the activation of the attack. (Sprite for the weapon)

Slot 9) Naturom Demonto - Book in which the primary attack shoots Cheogh's blue fireballs. The secondary attack shoots Phantasm's homing ghost. (Mod that already add the book to the game)

Slot 10) Voodoo Doll - I always found the primary attack of the Voodoo very weak, so I thought of you could buff it so that it causes a stun effect on the enemies for a few seconds.
Wrath Heart - This weapon is well created in the following link, it does random damage (electric, spirit, basic), and its altenative fire doesnt deplete all ammo (like the Voodoo secundary) and it does explosive damage. But you could make it blow up nearby corpses or something for balance. (Link for the Wrath Heart)

Berserker/Akimbo) Beast Claws - As the power up Akimbo is no longer needed in the game, this power up could replace it and cause a Berserker effect like in doom, turning the player into a Beast. And every successful attack could regenerate the player's life. (Sprites)

I hope you have liked some of the ideas, and keep working on this great mod! I cant wait to play!!
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Re: Blood Rebirth - We live again!!

Postby ABalen » Mon Feb 18, 2019 10:16 pm

Hi! I had some ideas that complete the others I just posted, I hope you like it!
In the original game there was a button, which was a kind of "special mode" of weapons, it was the "x" button, if I'm not mistaken, but only a few weapons responded to that key.
So I thought, if each weapon had a "special mode," the results could be very interesting.
For example, instead of repeatedly selecting the weapon to choose its akimbo version, this key could switch to the version with one weapon or two of them.
Here are some other ideas and suggestions for the weapons special mode:

Slot 1) Block for melee weapons (pitchfork and axe) against melee enemies (zombie, gargoyle, phantasm). I think this would make the melee combat more interesting.

Slot 2) Akimbo mode for the revolver and flare gun.
Flare Gun - the secondary attack could give a ricochet shot, or one that bounces to hit enemy in corner, but the shot would not go as far as it goes with the primary shot.

Slot 3) Akimbo mode for Sawed off Shotgun; you could add a bayonet to the Winchester, so the special mode could be a quick attack to ward off enemies.

Slot 4) Akimbo mode for the Tommy Gun; for the Mini-Gun you could change the rate of fire to 3 shots at once instead of 1 at a time, but would have to wait to shoot again (just like the Riot Gun from Shadow Warrior).

Slot 5) Akimbo mode for the Napalm Launcher; for the Flamethrower, it could have an overheat mode, which would waste a lot more gas and cause more damage in the primary shot, but if you shoot for a long time the player catches on fire. And it could turn it off when used the secondary shot to avoid unplanned events.

Slot 6) Drop lighted Dynamite at player's foot. Good for when you're running away from something.
Proximity Dynamite - the secondary attack of the weapon normally does exactly that (drops the lighted dynamite in front of the player), but you could change the secondary attack to turn off the proximity sensor of the dynamite, this would give to chance to throw several dynamites near enemies without exploding and alerting them.

Slot 7) Drop lighted Aerosol Can/Molotov on player's foot.

Slot 8) Akimbo mode for the Tesla Cannon; for the Tesla Coil you could have an overheat mode (similar to the Flamethrower) for the primary shot, which consumes more ammo and, if you shoot a lot of time, it starts to cause damage to the player. And also could turn off this mode alone if using the secondary shot.

Slot 9) Life Leech and Naturom Demonto could make the weapon drop and turns it into a kind of turret that shoots at the enemies alone (which would be exactly like the secondary attack of Life Leech does after the patch, but you could change it to be the special mode of the weapon).
You could change Life Leech's secondary attack to shoot shots that consume the player's life instead of ammo, and the primary attack, like originally (without the patch), would give life to the player but consumed ammo. I think this would make the weapon more useful, making the player mix the two types of shots to gain a greater advantage of the weapon.

Slot 0) Voodoo Doll and Wrath Heart, the special mode could change the pin to a lighter, which would consume more "ammunition", making it, in addition to normal damage, also cause fire damage to enemies. But if you miss, and dont hit the enemy, it would cause the fire effect on the player himself.

Well, Im sorry if I wrote too much, but I really believe this is one of the best blood mods well ever see in our lives! And again, I hope I have given you some good idea and helped in anyway!
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Re: Blood Rebirth - We live again!!

Postby Dr_Cosmobyte » Sun Feb 24, 2019 4:44 pm

Hi! I didn't mean to steal intelectual property, but i talked to ABalen recently, because he had this suggestion of adding Beast Hands as a Berserk powerup, and it fits one Blood mod i am working, and he agreed. So...

Just thought i should leave this here, to avoid make it look like i don't give a damn about other creators. =p
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Re: Blood Rebirth - We live again!!

Postby Noahvader » Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:20 pm

Oh man, this looks sweet!

20/20, If I wasn't doing my own mod, I'd totally help out.
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Re: Blood Rebirth - We live again!!

Postby Leglock » Sun Mar 03, 2019 8:02 am

Glad you decided too change the name since I really hate the growth population of brutal stuff (even when I liked the original mod).
Looking forward this project, Blood is my favorite game of the holy trinty and I can't say no to someone giving it soo much love.
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Re: Blood Rebirth - We live again!!

Postby delroku » Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:46 pm

I still don't know why the hate for "brutal" mods (seriously there aren't as many to like say "the brutal invasion mang")
sure the name might get tiring but it's a nice way to announce the overhaul of an old classic.
And i mean having adaptable mods like those to play with other mods you might find around is quite fun.
Either way i still like the new name and i hope the mod goes well.
btw you probably already talked about this (but my pc can only work so fast and looking for that stuff gets tiring) but, do you plan on reworking anything regarding the gore system?
idk if that's what people don't like in brutal mods but i personally like way too much those sweet gibs and splatters as feedback when you shoot the enemies, it really makes everything more satisfactory.
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Re: Blood Rebirth - RELEASE (Kinda)

Postby goldenmob72 » Mon Jun 03, 2019 7:22 am

Well it looks like Blood : Curse Hunter has some competition now

But I like this even more , it's very nice and a WAY better version of the Original Blood , Not that i'm saying it's bad or anything , I just like this even more that the Original Blood , that's all

Keep up the Good work Maxi [SAMik] 👍
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