Visual Studio Code: ZScript Language Support 0.9.4

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Visual Studio Code: ZScript Language Support 0.9.4

Postby KaptainMicila » Fri Oct 30, 2020 9:44 am

This is a language support extension for Visual Studio Code

As promised in my last post:
Why Kate Editor?
Well, I decided that because of my personal needs, as that's the editor I use. But my real plan is to use this one as a base for the more complex highlighting system for VSCode, as that's an editor people actually use.
And as Kate supports LSP, the final stage of my plan is to make a ZScript language server. But that's gonna be something for later.

But, wasn't there an extension arleady for it?
Yes. there is. But I decided to remake it. It's not a fork of it, either. Most stuff in it was somewhat hardcoded, and I tried to hardcode the least possible I could.


  • Get the .vsix from this post or the "Releases" page on github
  • Open VSCode
  • Open the command palette ("Ctrl + Shift + p")
  • Type "Extension: install from VSIX"

Just do the same thing for earlier versions OR: Get it from Visual Studio's Marketplace

  • Syntax highlighting (0.9.0)

For more specific installation instructions, reporing issues and downloading the source files

archvile.zs (lightly modified to show some features)
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