DoomRPG Rebalance [DoomRPG + DoomRL Arsenal Extended build]

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DoomRL Monsters Pack Beta 7.3
Pandemonia Monsters v2.2
Colourful Hell v0.99b
DeHacked Attack 4.0
Rampancy 2.0
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Re: DoomRPG Rebalance [DoomRPG + DoomRL Arsenal Extended build]

Post by MutantMods »

What you guys are doing with the mod by keeping it up to date is incredible! You deserve recognition so I'll be making a better video on the mod alone soon. I do have a very minor request: I love DRLA's HUD & was hoping in new versions that the HUD wouldn't get replaced by DRPG's HUD. Instead maybe make DRPG HUD or DRLA HUD options in the menu with some options for customization. Or somehow build upon DRLA's HUD & make an entirely new one. Just a suggestion, thanks!
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Re: DoomRPG Rebalance [DoomRPG + DoomRL Arsenal Extended build]

Post by Jareth247 »

Managed to get this running on the JELOS version of GZDoom on my Loki Zero. Here's the contents of the .doom file. I removed the spaces from the file names since this version of GZDoom doesn't exactly play nice with them.
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Re: DoomRPG Rebalance [DoomRPG + DoomRL Arsenal Extended build]

Post by WeskerGuy »

When I unzip this pack what do I actually add to ZDL loader for the Doom RPG mod? It isn't a pk3 file so I am not sure where to look to put all the mods in.
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Re: DoomRPG Rebalance [DoomRPG + DoomRL Arsenal Extended build]

Post by Deon »

You add the whole folder to load.
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Re: DoomRPG Rebalance [DoomRPG + DoomRLA build]

Post by devlman127 »

ChrisHighwind wrote: Mon Mar 28, 2022 4:32 am Been playing with a build provided to me in the Discord meant for Delta Touch, using the dev's recommended control scheme, and I'm enjoying it a lot!
Do you have a link to the control scheme? With all these mods it's a bit daunting deciding what all the buttons will do.
Also, while the installation guide was nice, a general setup guide for configuring doomrpg would be nice
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Re: DoomRPG Rebalance [DoomRPG + DoomRL Arsenal Extended build]

Post by lucker42 »

Update 1.34:

– grammatical corrections.

– Compendium and Lexicon fixes.

The last buld can be downloading from the link in the top thread.
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Re: DoomRPG Rebalance [DoomRPG + DoomRL Arsenal Extended build]

Post by Armage »

Hi lucker.

This new update about "Compendium and Lexicon fixes", what are this fixes?

And the patch you created for LZDoom, this DoomRPG-RLArsenal-Extended (for LZDoom) 1.33, will continue to work in version 1.34?

Anyway i'm using and i think is working correctly, so maybe i don't need a new patch.

EDIT: But in another hand, i don't know if is a incompatibility with LZDoom or what is, but i don't receiving vials anymore :( . In before versions, i think 1.32 i received.

Thanks for your attention and waiting for your response.
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Re: DoomRPG Rebalance [DoomRPG + DoomRL Arsenal Extended build]

Post by GlyconTheSnakeLord »

Hello I've just gotten back into playing Doomrpg after quite a few years and one of the things that I loved about the mod was the fact that you could develop a character and use the outpost as a hub in between level wads/doom episodes.

The only problem is apparently according to the wiki the transport skill is always supposed to be available to the player, and I'm not seeing it in my skill wheel. Is there a command I can use to force it so that I can get back to the outpost after playing a given level?

Also my configurations are randomly not saving and keys that were previously bound are unbound for some reason, does anyone know a workaround for this?
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Re: DoomRPG Rebalance [DoomRPG + DoomRL Arsenal Extended build]

Post by Kuba4ful »

I really like this mod, so much so I made an account just to write this post and give some feedback. qI did have a lot of trouble with the radiation section, not because it's hard, but because I didn't understand the mechanics for the first hour I tried to beat this one level.

First of all, I didn't understand why the hazard suit powerup didn't work. I thought it's a bug or something. I had no idea it counts as an armor and needs to be manually equipped. I think this should be automatic, if player is in a level that has the radiation/toxicity event, equip the hazard suit automatically. If not, then maybe upon pickup give them a hint that they need to equip it manually. It's not explained anywhere, and the only reason I even found out about it, was when I was taking a break in UAC and noticed that amongst my armors there was the hazard suit.

Second of all, I was dying immediately, no matter my health, after some time. I understand now it's because Toxicity reached 100%. But I had no idea that was the case, again I thought it's a bug and radiation is just constant damage rather than a counter that causes unavoidable death if it reaches 100%. Again, I have nothing against this mechanic, but it should be explained somewhere. Perhaps upon death add a feedback message that gives the player an explanation.

Also, a side piece, but I think Scout should be buffed. Double jump is almost never useful, and the pistol damage is redundant. I think something like a global reload speed buff (if it's possible) would be neat and fit with the main concept of Scout. Something like 12% faster reload on all weapons.

Again, this is a great mod and I really like it. I'm not giving the feedback to discourage, but because I want to see it become even better than it is already. I appreciate all the hard work that went into it and hope to see more updates in the future!

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