Torment & Torture - Classic Episode 1 | Remaster | v2.0 released

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Torment & Torture - Classic Episode 1 | Remaster | v2.0 released

Post by Tormentor667 »

The remastered version of my submission to the "Wad in a Week" Contest for NewDoom and the very first episode of the Torment & Torture series. It's actually the classic with some additional twists but not as it's remastered counterpart in the UTNT.

Why a remaster at all?
I know, there is a remastered version of the original release in TUNT but while going over all of my older projects, I thought about releasing this one as well in a very pure execution but with some quality of life additions. If you want to experience the original in a more modern way, this is the one to play. If you want the revamped version, you might also wait for the remaster or TUTNT which is planned for 2024.


  • Updated gore effects (powered by Nash)
  • Updated statusbar (powered by NightFright
  • Brightmaps for enemies and textures
  • New color palette
  • Shader effects (tilt, heat, blur)
  • Alternate deaths for enemies
  • HiRes sounds (powered by Perkristan)
  • Dynamic lights for enemies, props and map environment
  • Volumetric light effects
  • Widescreen graphics
  • Upgraded texts
  • Fixes and improvements without changing the original experience
  • New music pieces and new graphics wrapping up the map as a whole
Some of you might ask why things like gore, brightmaps or hires sounds have been hardcoded into the map. The explanation for this is quite simple: As I released the remasters mostly on ModDb for a wider audience, not everyone might be interested or aware of these addons, but I wanted these to be part of my remaster experiences. This might interfer with other mods, I am aware of this but it was a decision that I made in favor for this wider audience of people which are not directly associated with the Doom community.

Special thanks to
Salahmander2 and Ozymandias81 for an amazing work and help on the re-release version. Without your help, this wouldn't be possible!

Download ... -episode-1

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