Raze 1.8.1 - Commandline Switches

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Raze 1.8.1 - Commandline Switches

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I've tried the -iwad and -gamegrp switches on Raze 1.8.1, 64-bit (Win 10, 64-bit) with Duke 3D, Redneck Rampage 1, and Redneck Rampage Rides Again, but these only result in opening the game selection menu and not the games themselves.

I have placed DUKE3D.GRP, DUKE3D.RTS, the three 3 Exhumed files, and RIDES.GRP in Raze's directory itself where the Raze executable is located.
I am running these commands within the Raze directory itself:

raze.exe -iwad duke3d.grp
raze.exe -gamegrp duke3d.grp

raze.exe -iwad redneck.grp
raze.exe -gamegrp redneck.grp

raze.exe -iwad rides.grp
raze.exe -gamegrp rides.grp

Exumed / Powerslave works if I use -gamegrp stuff.dat.

Per viewtopic.php?p=1171275#p1171275, either -iwad or -gamegrp should work with Duke 3D, but they don't.

If this is a bug, do you want me to open a Github issue for it? Please advise.

Edit: It appears that when those switches are invoked, they look in the data subfolder only, but not in the root of the raze directory. However, if those game files are in the root directory, the switches do not detect the games at all.

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