Dwelling Sin: The Mercenaries

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Dwelling Sin: The Mercenaries

Post by Jarewill »

Hello ZDoom Forums!
Today I come bearing a new project that isn't really new, but its updates are new.

What is The Mercenaries?
This new game mode is based on its Resident Evil 4 counterpart complete with a timer, score counter, tracked highscores and a combo counter.
Initially released strictly for Dwelling Sin, it has been since updated with a vanilla version that works with other gameplay mods.
It still only has 3 different maps, but more will eventually come. I was mainly focusing on updating the code first.

The project needed to be split into two versions due to major code differences.
Original version for use with Dwelling Sin: [DOWNLOAD]
Vanilla conversion for use with anything else: [DOWNLOAD]
Vanilla conversion has been tested with the following mods:
> Nightmare Logic II by Dr_Cosmobyte
> Aracnocide (both weapons and monsters) by Dr_Cosmobyte
> Factotum by Dr_Cosmobyte
> Mars Mercenary by That0neBr075
> Hell Caliber by Samarai1000
> Rampancy by Yholl
> GMOTA by Combine_Kegan
> Combined Arms by Combine_Kegan
> Rebel Rumble by Captain J
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Re: Dwelling Sin: The Mercenaries

Post by Brohnesorge »

Way past cool. Excuse me while I throw everything at this.

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