U.A.C ADVENTURES, a simple map to test my abilities

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U.A.C ADVENTURES, a simple map to test my abilities

Post by Stanley_The_manly »

This is a map I made in about a week or so this map is in UDMF so a ZDOOM Source port is needed to play the map. It's relatively short and not too hard considering i think I added too many shotgun shells. This has custom intermission text so make sure to read that as well as a custom title and end screen. Don't mind the info on the custom end screen I was gonna upload it on mod db but I had to realize that uploading anything on there would take up half my life so I figured this was the second best place, don't expect much from this map but I think it's good for what it is

https://www.mediafire.com/file/wjq8vyiv ... 1.zip/file
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Re: U.A.C ADVENTURES, a simple map to test my abilities

Post by Enjay »

It's not my favourite style of gameplay (I don't like slaughtery maps) but I got through from start to finish, so it works.

A couple of points:
You have included a file in the zip called mapinfo.txt. You have used this file to provide information about the map (which obviously makes sense) but mapinfo is actually the name of a control lump used by GZDoom. So, if a user tries to load the zip file (which is a legitimate way to play the map within), the game aborts with the following message:

Code: Select all

Script error, "UACADVENTURESEP1.zip:mapinfo.txt" line 1:
YO: Unknown top level keyword
So, it would be better to name your information text file something else (using the same name as the WAD file would be usual - i.e. UACadventuresEP1.txt

A gameplay one (and a very minor one at that) - in the room where you get the blue card, there is a metal platform that lowers to give you access to the card. This has a central pillar made of pipes and this is set to scroll downwards. When I first entered the room, I didn't notice that the wall was scrolling (because the fight was pretty intense). So, it wasn't until after I had lowered the metal platform that I spotted the scrolling walls and, because of their scrolling speed, I thought it was actually a lowering platform that takes a really long time to come down. So I waited in the room for an embarrassingly long time for the "platform" to lower before I realised that it wasn't going to happen. :lol:

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