Pickup only for specific player

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Pickup only for specific player

Post by Motombo »

I'm looking to make a specific item pickable only by a specific player. This would help in coop, so that -for example- Backpack 1 can only be picked up by Player 1, and Backpack 2 can only be picked up by Player 2. I've just started with mapping, and my scripting knowledge is minimal, but is there a way to do this?
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Re: Pickup only for specific player

Post by ramon.dexter »

Well, this could be probably handled by zscript eventhandler. But I dont know how zscript handles multiplayer, yet if it even supports such use. I think this question belongs more into scripting than mapping. It's not a question of placement, but a scripting thing.
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Re: Pickup only for specific player

Post by Graf Zahl »

Event handlers won't help here. For this the TryPickup method needs to be overridden and check whether the player is allowed to take the item.

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