[GZDOOM] Doomguy in the Battle for Toad Hall 20XX

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[GZDOOM] Doomguy in the Battle for Toad Hall 20XX

Post by lizardcommando »

Spoiler: Gameplay Footage
This is a 7 map wad for Doom 2.

There are some brand new enemy replacements in this mapset. There are two new guns that you can use which replace the Chaingun. Please refer to the "Additional Info" section at the bottom of the included textfile for further details. Although the maps aren't super complex or fancy looking, you'll actually need to use the GZDoom engine since it uses a lot of DECORATE scripts that aren't compatible with any other source ports. I highly recommend you play this with the Immerse Mod by Josh771. The leaning in that mod is really useful, especially in the beginning of Wild Woods (MAP04). I also highly recommend switching the sector lighting mode to Doom Legacy.

Technically started in March 2021 with the very first map that I built (MAP01 Home Sweet Home), mostly for fun after finishing a community map set that was unfortunately never released. I started making MAP04 (Wild Woods) around March 2nd, 2022, but then got completely stuck making that map until I eventually came back to working on that map a year later and finished it on March 7th, 2023. I started making MAP05 (Siege of Toad Hall) around the end of March, 2022 and then eventually finished it nearly an entire year later. I eventually got around to making MAP03 (UAC Airport) around March 25th, 2023 and finished around April 8th, 2023. MAP02 (City Outskirts) was originally started on January 2023, but was scrapped and made into a newer map which was started in March 15th, 2023 and finished on May 25th 2023. I'm not entirely sure when MAP06 was made (the original wadfile for it has gone missing), but I assume it was started roughly the same time as MAP05.

The story: Doomguy is called by the owner of Toad Hall to hunt down the evil Cybromero and his fanatics that have taken over Toad Hall and the surrounding towns. He leaves his humble little apartment and stops by the gas station right by the city outskirts before heading to the airport to fly out to an airstrip close to the outskirts of Toad Hall. Unfortunately, your jet was shot down by enemy gun fire and you crash land in the Wild Woods. Thankfully, you are fairly close by to Toad Hall so the walk to that place isn't too far. Unfortunately, the Wild Woods and the village close by Toad Hall is swarming with enemies.

Coop starts are in the maps, but they have not been tested. There are no deathmatch starts. Difficulty settings have been partially set in most maps, but I can go back and changes things up if necessary. As far as I am able to tell, there aren't any major bugs or texture/map issues that I could find in the map. Of course, if these things do pop up, please let me know.

Without further ado, here's the download link.

https://www.mediafire.com/file/olvo2ozn ... 4.zip/file


I made a few more changes with the difficulty settings for a few items and monsters.

I fixed some additional unpegged lower sectors throughout the map set.

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