Death Exit Episode 1: 7 limit-removing maps for MAPINFO ports

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Death Exit Episode 1: 7 limit-removing maps for MAPINFO ports

Post by Faceman2000 »

Hello all! Crossposting this from Doomworld.

This is the first episode of my in-progress megawad, Death Exit. It consists of six maps and a secret level, and features new textures, new music, and a couple new enemies. Enemies are implemented via DeHacked so it likely won’t play well with gameplay mods; RC2 will include a dedicated ZDoom version with Decorate enemies instead. Most levels can be beaten in five to twenty minutes, except Map05 which will likely take forty to fifty minutes.

Download: ... p=drivesdk

Wad Info, credits, etc:
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Re: Death Exit Episode 1: 7 limit-removing maps for MAPINFO ports

Post by yum13241 »

I'll save you some trouble: You don't need to make a desperate wad. If *ZDoom finds a DEHSUPP lump (which is only supported by ZDaemon), it will ignore DEHACKED. It will NOT ignore DECORATE. So *ZDoom ports will not read the DeHackEd. A dirty hack, but much better than doing your work twice/using copy and paste.

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