[ZScript HUD] Minimalist Doom64-Inspired Hud

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[ZScript HUD] Minimalist Doom64-Inspired Hud

Post by Xtyfe »

Hey all,

I decided to dabble with zscript huds late last year to create a minimalistic hud for a mapping project I am working on. I was inspired by WildWeasels Doom64 hud to create two huds based on his design.

  • Two huds. One overriding the regular status bar and the other overriding the fullscreen status bar.
  • Heretic/Hexen style animated powerup display with timers.
  • Air Supply display and Heretic/Hexen style inventory support. Not useful in vanilla Doom, but it's there.
  • Health, Armor and Ammo counter support up to 4 digits. Not useful in vanilla Doom, but it's there.
  • Animated god mode and gib death mugshots.
  • Supports vanilla Doom out of the box, but some minimal editing could make it work with almost any mod.
Known issues:
  • Item nametags will interfere with the status bar-like hud. If anyone has a solution that could shift their display upwards, I would be interested.
  • Whoever created the original huds in gzdoom.pk3. Used as a base.
  • WildWeasel, for the original idea.
  • Blue Shadow, for help with key display.
Anyone is free to use and modify as they see fit.
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