Is Cheat Engine safe to download?

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Is Cheat Engine safe to download?

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It's time once again for my random tech questions! :mrgreen:

I found a mod for Dead Space that changes the camera to a first-person view instead of 3rd person. Personally I prefer 1st person for immersion, and I was considering picking up Dead Space to give it a run when I found out the mod uses Cheat Engine to change the camera. After doing some digging, I found a lot of people saying that Cheat Engine can be full of malware and bloatware, but it also seems to be a popular and well-known platform. So my question is, does anyone here have experience with Cheat Engine, be that positive or negative? Is it really packed with malware? Is it worth the risk?

Here's the mod in question:

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Re: Is Cheat Engine safe to download?

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Cheat Engine itself is fine, it's the installer that has sponsored adware; if a dialog page has the word "decline" as one of the buttons, that's one of the adware installer pages.

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