[Weapon] 3D Model Weapons Template

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[Weapon] 3D Model Weapons Template

Post by r3v3n93 »

This is a 3D Weapons Template For GZDOOM

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-vutty ... sp=sharing

Why did you make this?

I saw a lot of people struggling with how to position, rotate, or scale 3D weapons, and even I was struggling with it. And I found that there aren't much of tutorials covering this.

What does it include?
├ .blend file
│ ├ Camera (Adjusted to fit 90 degrees FOV of GZDOOM)
│ └ Crosshair Reference Meshes
└ Example .pk3
│ └ Example weapon written in DECORATE (As you can see in those screenshots above, it is dummy data chumtoad from half life literally lol)

Miscellaneous Information/Tips
- If you want to adjust the camera's fov, remember this formula [ 15.0 + (GZDOOM Camera FOV You Desire) == (Camera's FOV) ]
- Those Crosshair References are just references. I know you won't but DON'T EXPORT THEM WITH YOUR MODEL.
- In MODELDEF, the angle should be tilted -90 degrees.
- If you are using [wiki]IQM[/wiki], it is important to upscale your model in MODELDEF by using [ scale X Y Z ], and also multiply -1 on X coordinate if your weapon is mirrored.
- It's my personal recommendation, so you can ignore this tip. If you want to define long animation on the model, you may suffer from the lack of index names. I suggest you specify the lump's name with only 3 digits and the other digit is for the 'pronoun'. For example, [Chumtoad 1st index] -> [CTD1A0] in this regard, you can add a huge amount of frames (26^2 + 26 * 10 = 936) in one index series. The only problem with this is that the lump's name becomes too small.

Enjoy! Leave a comment if you have some questions/feedbacks on this resource.

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