[Community Project] Hellwhole - A project for Piece of Pie Software's 15th anniversary

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[Community Project] Hellwhole - A project for Piece of Pie Software's 15th anniversary

Post by MFG38 »

Backstory: back in 2020, InfernalMonsoon and I co-hosted a Doom mapping project within the Piece of Pie Software community's Discord server called A Piece of Hell. It was a modest effort, with 5 maps in the end. The concept was almost entirely thought up by Infernal, while I handled compilation duties. Discussions about a potential sequel, as far as I recall, began sometime last year, and the first version of the sequel's concept materialized as recently as earlier this week. We had some back-and-forth about some nuances in the design document, but for the most part, the concept is courtesy of Infernal once again.

So here's the detailed blurb as per Infernal's design document:

Hellwhole is a megawad project arranged by the Piece of Pie Software community, a fully fledged sequel to A Piece of Hell. The aim of this megawad is to create and compile a bunch of fun and exciting levels that can be easily enjoyed by casual to average Doom players, but most importantly to celebrate Piece of Pie Software's 15th anniversary on Youtube.

Deadline for RC1: April 29th

Here's how the wad will be handled:

  • Levels will be divided up into episodes, each PoPS-regular mapper having their own dedicated episode that you must name.
  • Each mapper can make 1 to 5 maps in their episode, having the maps ordered and themed however they want.
  • It will be a hybrid mapset with only vanilla weapons and enemies, while allowing for GZDoom features.
  • Mappers of all skill levels will be accepted, beginner or veteran.
  • Non-PoPS regulars can also join and submit 1 to 5 maps, however they won't have a dedicated episode as their maps will appear alongside other non-regulars' maps in a larger bonus episode.

Of course, all projects need rules and regulations, to make sure everybody is on the same level and to create a consistent play experience, though keep in mind that some rules may be subject to change as the project goes on:

  • Must be for Doom 2.
  • File format must be GZDoom: Doom 2 (UDMF Format).
  • 1-5 maps per mapper.
  • All levels must be balanced around pistol starts.
  • You must scale your levels for all difficulties (how you do this is up to you).
  • DM and co-op play are optional, but encouraged.
  • Custom textures, graphics, sound and music are allowed.
  • Custom weapons and monsters are not allowed.
  • No joke or terry levels (obviously).
  • Slaughter segments in your maps are fine but entire dedicated slaughter maps will not be accepted.
  • Very large maps are allowed, but anything exceeding an hour long will be rejected.
  • Humorous and fun easter eggs are allowed and encouraged, but only in secrets.
  • Regulars should ideally communicate what easter eggs they want to add, just in case people have similar ideas and want to keep them unique.
  • Jump and crouch are not allowed, so don't design your map around them.
  • Freelook is allowed.
  • And most of all, have fun!

When you submit your map/maps in a wad file, please write out a text document or post using this format listed below:

Code: Select all

Hellwhole Submission

Mapper Name: (Your name here)

Episode Name: (Non-PoPS Regulars should leave this blank as your maps will appear in the bonus episode)

Intermission Text: (Again this is only for regulars, to add some story flavour text at the end of their episode, so non-regulars should leave this section as blank)

Map 1: (Name your maps here, while also listing the wads they're in if you have multiple wad files)
Map 2:
Map 3:
Map 4:
Map 5: (If you have less than 5 maps then you don't need to list more than what you're submitting)

Map # - copy-paste and fill out below info separately for each map
Textures: (source(s) of custom textures if applicable)
Sounds: (source(s) of custom sounds if applicable)
Music: (name and author/source of custom music if applicable)
Graphics: (source(s) of custom graphics if applicable)
Co-op: (yes/no)
Deathmatch: (yes/no)

Personal note: (You can write anything you want here - it can be to do with the maps, the project, Piece of Pie Software, etc, whatever you want to commemorate your contribution)

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