FVoxel guy from 20 years ago releases old level

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FVoxel guy from 20 years ago releases old level

Post by Phoenix »

A long, long time ago, I was a regular here, during the days of ZDoom 2.0.9x, stacked sectors, teleport-based fake 3d floors before GZDoom existed, etc... This was my first thread, introducing this silly fake-voxel technique, and I guess I would have been 18 at the time.

I swear I remember posting a screenshot of this level I was working on at the time with the caption "Bats in Tubes and an Imp", but I can't find the phrase anywhere. Maybe the thread's gone or maybe I'm just crazy.

Anyway, I had this level "Hexxis" I was working on, and over the years I've sporadically messed with it, and added to it. But honestly I've always been more interested in the (G)ZDoom engine as a technical playground than in its gameplay. My interests skew towards aesthetics, technicals, special effects, and general engine pushing, so I never really added much gameplay to "Hexxis" beyond the very bare-bones. I kinda don't really even like shooter gameplay that much, so I don't enjoy the idea of designing enemy encounters and test playing them ad nauseum. But I did do a lot of what I enjoy in "Hexxis", so there's a bunch of effects and weird things from over the years.

Some effects it contains:
At this point I've been fiddling with it for ~20 years or whatever, so I figure I should just let whoever might remember it at least see it. I kind of just want to be done with it.

It is completable, in that there's a beginning, a flow of progression of some description, and an exit.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3


Here's the zip file.

It's got "Hexxis" and a couple other bonus things I was also working on over the years. I'll let the chips fall where they may.
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Re: FVoxel guy from 20 years ago releases old level

Post by wildweasel »

Nice, welcome back and congrats on the release.

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