"Actor hits floor" crashes when teleporting

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"Actor hits floor" crashes when teleporting

Post by Gothic »

Tested using g4.11pre-28-g269431575

Using a teleport with the "Actor hits floor" things can crash the game if you enter while jumping into the floor.
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Re: "Actor hits floor" crashes when teleporting

Post by Rachael »

From looking at the stack trace, it appears that this particular setup is causing a recursive check due to having "actor hits floor" on both sides of the teleporter, and since the player's Z velocity is non-zero it's running that particular check recursively. Which also causes a massive amount of lag even when it doesn't crash.
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Graf Zahl
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Re: "Actor hits floor" crashes when teleporting

Post by Graf Zahl »

Sorry, can't fix without breaking legitimate setups. Doom's teleports are very poorly handled in the engine, i.e. right in the middle of the movement code, which makes them susceptible to such problems

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