Any texture pack don't work in GZDoom.

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Any texture pack don't work in GZDoom.

Post by VVanTuz2OO2 »

Hello everybody.

I know that DHTP has some compatibility problems, but I did tried many versions of it. But other texture related mods should work at least. Doomenator's Dark Textures won't work too. The only ones working is JFO's for HUD and text. \ UPD: any of the Cacodemon's Texture pack do not work either!

I tried all of the following:
- Dragged on executable
- .bat file gzdoom.exe -file anymod.pk3
- Autoload (checked many times that I did everything right) in ini. Btw I had tough times separating lines in that generating ini, what a mess.
- Tried it on basic ZDoom

I did tried running from the the same directory, tried separating IWADS and mods - results are identical.

Any suggestions? I had also read countless posts from here and Zandronum forums, but none of that helped me solve it.

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