PBR materials for Doom 2 (Work in Progress)

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PBR materials for Doom 2 (Work in Progress)

Post by BondoJames »

Adds my own PBR materials for vanilla Doom 2 textures. Combine with Relighting and Flashlight ++ for the effect to be more noticable, or build new maps with creative use of dynamic lighting.

Currently a work in progress and not all textures are supported. Most switches, animated, and Wolfenstein textures are not finished.

Download V0.1

Screenshots from Doom 2, Ultimate Doom 2, d2twid

Tools used: Gimp, Materialize
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Re: PBR materials for Doom 2 (Work in Progress)

Post by Tormentor667 »

Cool, I can’t wait to see the full set in action :)
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Re: PBR materials for Doom 2 (Work in Progress)

Post by cosmos10040 »

Yes finally! Can't wait for it to be finished too.

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