Azazel's Second Descent 32 map One Man Megawad on IDgames

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Azazel's Second Descent 32 map One Man Megawad on IDgames

Post by bloodbath_giraffe »

Azazel's Second Descent is a full, 32 map megawad. This is a one-man megawad and all maps were made by me. I would categorize the maps as slaughter-lite, meaning it is not full-on slaughter but you might face a horde or two, especially the farther into the wad you go. The WAD is broken down into six 5-map episodes. There are 4 new monster types and 2 bosses added.

How I implemented the difficulty settings in general is:

HMP has the same monster count as UV but with more resources
HNTR and ITYTD have reduced monster counts and different enemy placements, along with more resources

All maps are balanced around pistol starts.

When I started this project I had only created and published one map. Needless to say, there was quite a lot to learn. I made many mistakes, from changing texture packs a quarter of the way through, to scraping the whole blood chapter. This is the most effort and time I think I have ever put into one thing in my life and I hope it shows. ASD is a passion project in every sense. I would categorize it as slaughter-lite with classic gameplay. It looks and plays like any other classic wad. The reason it is in GZDoom is because when I started, I did not know any of the differences between the source ports and formats.

you can find the wad here: ...

Screenshots can be found here:

Source ports tested: GZDoom
Difficulty settings: Yes
Freelook: Optional
Jump/crouch: Disabled
Single-player only

Big thanks to Terminus, Johnsuitepee, Jukeboxin, Firedust, Thingy, Murderous Mashed Potatos and FrancisT218 for playtesting the maps.
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Re: Azazel's Second Descent 32 map One Man Megawad on IDgames

Post by Tesculpture »

Nice map pack! You've done a good job of making the encounters slaughtery, but not obnoxiously so. The architecture is regularly impressive, and the novelty stuff like the civil war level was cool to discover as well. I'm curious to see what you could do with more advanced mapping features, like rooms over rooms. It was also nice to see some custom monsters that aren't just dehacked creations; it would be cool to see more of those as well.

That said, there some things I think could stand for improvement:
-Many maps, particularly in the first episode, have lots of areas that are too dark to see in, leaving you either fumbling in the dark for supplies, guessing where you should be shooting, or just struggling to find the path you need to progress. If you are against brightening these areas, could you at least include a few lightamp powerups?

-No chainsaws? none at all?

-The scripting in many levels tied to a particular monster dying can be broken by doing something out of sequence, leaving the player soft-locked (for example: in map06 in the area with the first Cyberdemon you face, it is possible to kill the Archvile standing on the elevator behind said Cyberdemon. If this happens before you enter that building and flip the switches in the lower floors, the elevator to the battlements never descends). There are similar problems with scripting tied to the player picking up a particular object; especially when gameplay mods are thrown into the mix.

Outside of those quibbles, this is pretty damn impressive.

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