ENDLESS RELENTLESS: procedurally generated survival adventures [alpha-0.33]

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ENDLESS RELENTLESS: procedurally generated survival adventures [alpha-0.33]

Post by Zeberpal »

A cooperative survival mod, with a distinguishing feature
to generate [LA]-styled random levels and trials realtime online!

The major objective in every stage is to destroy all enemies. There are six various trials:
A) Reach the exit moving through a linear pathway.
B) Complete objectives in the mazy layout.
C) Race to the top before the liquid raise up and annihilate you!
D) The invasion of mysterious super marines.
E) Test your reactions sliding on the water flow!
F) And finally.. the Boss battle!


Monsters, basic geometry, traps, etc

Mod uses database feature to store your money, stats and scoreboard victories.

Mod features an UniAccount feature, that basically makes
you auto-login upon connection. You're able to set your flag in the options,
with $(ingame value) penalty to prevent joke switches.

A hub shop, where you're able to buy additional stuff.
You're able to set an auto-buy of a particular item in the options.

Use advertisements that pop up every round to promote
your wads, creations, blogs or anything you want!

Do your best during competitive season to perpetuate
your name on a monument!

You can play pong against AI or up to multiple players
while spectating or waiting for the round to end.

Zandronum (Primary. Includes all listed features, especially ranking database)
ZDaemon (Basic online gameplay)
GZDoom (Singleplayer demo)

This link is probably the latest (alpha) version. If it's not, it can be found via Doom Explorer or Doomseeker.
Launch server browser and type endless relentless in search tab to find the server.
It'll download all the necessary wads and'll launch the game.

I'd be probably easy to do something like this with gzdoom portals, but I was keen to make a level randomizer specifically for online Doom.
It was a true trial to make the mod compatible with all almost every zdoom-based port, especially old, but still quite popular ZDaemon.
I stoped working on it a few months ago, due to war in Ukraine.
I was hoping to post a proper release, but I have no idea when there'll be a right time to finish it, so here it is.
Hope you'll find it sort of fun at this state!
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Re: ENDLESS RELENTLESS: procedurally generated survival adventures [alpha-0.33]

Post by Zeberpal »

Download link updated! A new alpha with 20k lines long open source code is released! Source located in TITLEMAP's BEHAVIOR script.
Also a README video:

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