Help with DooM Sounds?

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Help with DooM Sounds?

Post by Okgo5555 »

My OCD is getting the best of me and, in the spirit of feeling retro and vanilla, I would like to down-convert the assets of my mod to be in line with the 1993/1994 standards. The issue is that, I have some sounds that are good, and fitting, but they should be down-sampled and converted to DoomSound format. Here's the deal: If I do something simple like take DSPISTOL and down-pitch it to my liking, I am usually getting a result in .ogg. Fair enough. When I then convert that into DooMSound in SLADE, it sounds like total crap and doesn't sound up to snuff of the original Doom assets. I'm just curious if there is a better tool-chain/process that other people are familiar with that could help me.
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Re: Help with DooM Sounds?

Post by difficultoldstuff »

OK, so my process of making "punchy" and "retro" sounds is by using Audacity, setting the project rate to 16k / 11k / 8k Hz (whichever you feel like sounds better for the sound you're working on), then maybe playing with some Distortion / Highpass / Lowpass filters, exporting as a .wav, importing and leaving it as .wav. Sometimes you can convert it to OG Doom sound format if the result sounds good in your ears, but mostly I leave them as .wav. Also watch out for sound clipping, too much volume can produce nasty clicks in Doom. Hope this sparks any ideas, good luck!

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