Standalone games more prominence on Wiki

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Standalone games more prominence on Wiki

Post by Redneckerz »

So, i can edit things on the Wiki. Yay me.
We have the standalone games page, here:

I did an edit today bringing the list up to date.

Then i was thinking: Why is this not on the main page, say, under ZDoom Mods in a seperate field called Standalone games? That way, i would make that page a real showcase of what GZ could do.

But alas, even with all my powers, i am told to stand my ground. The keys to that[/i kingdom are forbidden to me.

So, can anyone help me out here? With the avalanche of new GZDoom games coming out, its about time this port gets a little showcase page of what games it powers :)
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Re: Standalone games more prominence on Wiki

Post by Rachael »


But boy do I feel left out. You omitted Hands of Necromancy. :P

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