Model culling is too aggressive

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Model culling is too aggressive

Post by []Dot »

Tested Platform: Linux Mint 21
Engine version: GZDoom 4.7.0

For the weapon models I am working on I have right now the problem that the model culling is too aggressive and it becomes even more apparent when I try to implement a iron sight feature. On Blender I set the camera position to (0, 0, 0) so that the weapon model is aligned around this camera position as it seems to match that of GZDoom 3d model weapon view.

Yes I know the weapon model rig is far from complete but its only there to showcase the problem. The assets are not done by me in case anyone is wondering and I did provided a credits.txt file at the PK3 file. Due to attachment limits here I am forced to upload the files somewhere else:

Edit: It seems commenting out the "Scale" variable makes the model culling much less aggressive, not completely but its less jarring without it. Also I could not replicate this issues on models with fairly low amount of triangle count.

Thanks in advance.

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