Audio Overhaul Patch for Cold as Hell

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Audio Overhaul Patch for Cold as Hell

Post by Joblez_I »

Hello! A while back I played through the ever-excellent mod Cold as Hell, as per my usual yearly replay of it. While I still enjoy it dearly, I had the thought to update some parts of it, namely the sounds of the guns and the music.
As such, I went out of my way to update/recreate every song on the OST, and I created / changed some new sounds for the weapons. This patch here has all of the new tracks and the sounds in one file.

The music is available for free on Bandcamp: ... ered-music

The Patch: ... e.wad/file

I do not own the original songs from Cold as Hell. Those were written by Jonaya Riley and Ben Wachal respectively.

As for the sounds, here's a list of credits:
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Re: Audio Overhaul Patch for Cold as Hell

Post by GoalDude-00 »

Congrats on the release! I look forward to using this in my own replay of Cold as Hell. :)

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