[Multiplayer] Player A saves can Overwrite Player B saves

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[Multiplayer] Player A saves can Overwrite Player B saves

Post by Vordenko »

This one is a little hard to explain, and I have only been able to do it once in a 2 player session in the latest GZDoom version (4.8.2), and has been an issue for a while I believe.
Now, granted that I am using DeltaTouch, hence why more testing could be accepted from PC users as well; but I do want to note here however, that the second user I've had this issue on, does use a computer when using GZdoom.

When making a new save game, GZdoom will create the same save with the same filename for all users in the current session (save0.zds, save1.zds, save2.zds, ...) in order to sync up across all clients. While this works as intended, there is an issue where if PLAYER B has saveX.zds (singleplayer/offline), but PLAYER A does not, and PLAYER A creates a new save, there is a chance they will OVERWRITE PLAYER B's saveX.zds save, because their GZDoom will create a new one with a value according to their latest save. This means accidentally griefing other people's singleplayer saves can become a bit of a problem, especially with new unexperienced users.

How to Replicate:
You need two different connections, and before we start we need to make sure of the following:
Player A needs to have no saves (Move your saves/save folder somewhere else for the time being)
Player B needs to have at least one OFFLINE save (Make sure it is called save0.zds)[/list]

Now, start the multiplayer session
Player A will need to create a "new save" (Since they have no saves, it will be save0.zds by default)
Player B will have their OFFLINE save OVERWRITTEN by Player A.

The only way to prevent this for the time being, is to have the host (or someone else) rename their multiplayer save's filename to something unique, then save while in session to make all clients in it create the same save with the same filename for them. Unfortunately I do not think this is an easy fix, however I do believe it is worth reporting, at least for the record.
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Re: [Multiplayer] Player A saves can Overwrite Player B saves

Post by Nash »

A cheap solution I can think of right now is to make GZDoom use a separate folder for multiplayer saves.

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