Ultimate Jazz Jackrabbit Doom - EPISODE 3 (Reupload)

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Ultimate Jazz Jackrabbit Doom - EPISODE 3 (Reupload)

Post by alanw89 »

Team Hell Hare and myself want to apologize for any bugs that you experienced through EP3. We searched through out Episode 1-3 just in case there were any bugs that were overlooked. You're definitely going to experience some changes in gameplay as well.

Episodes 1-3 and the overall gameplay has been looked through for bugs and changes. Here's what y'all will experience down below.

  • Rapid Fire Pickup will now gradually increase fire rate each time the player picks up a Rapid Fire Pickup. (Just like in the original Jazz Jackrabbit games)
  • Evil Jazz bug in MAP30 (Battleships) was fixed. Evil Jazz sprites updated to a new look.
  • Final Boss script edited.
  • Pezrock Spinning Mace fixed.
  • Bounce Springs edited.
Y'all enjoy! Feel free to leave feedback on your experience. Thank you for all the support!

-Team Hell Hare

Download Link:
https://www.moddb.com/mods/jazz-jackrab ... e-3-update






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