[GZDoom] Totems. A series of maps around buffed up enemies

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[GZDoom] Totems. A series of maps around buffed up enemies

Post by the_darknut_rises »

Presenting Totems. A series of maps based around buffed up enemies.

I’m a big fan of Doom Eternal and in particular a monster called the spirit. For those of you who haven’t played Eternal the spirit is a monster that doesn’t attack the player directly, instead it possesses a nearby monster making it stronger and more dangerous. I wanted to see if I could backport it to OG Doom and this is my attempt. I didn’t stop at the spirit and also recreated the buff totems (which buff monsters within a certain radius) and the screechers (which if killed give a major buff to monsters around them).

These aren’t 1:1 recreations and have instead been balanced around the gameplay of classic Doom.

I have made this set of maps to show them off but also to be a fun set of maps in their own right. All feedback welcomed.

Base: https://mega.nz/file/cr4g2Tjb#nMP1xdrS2 ... O7FsAw4IfI
Maps: https://mega.nz/file/cqwRmQLB#KNm6z83oz ... dg8mStSYP0

  • 1 main episode of 6 maps followed by a final boss.
  • 2 secret maps.
  • 1 bonus map that I couldn’t fit into the main episode.
  • 2 new difficulty levels: The Gold Standard and Unbalanced Randomiser.
  • 1 map for Chex Quest 3.
  • Buffs are applied dynamically. This means they should work with any custom monster. Or monsters from any iwad, I made the Chex3 map mainly to prove that point.
Totems and buffs
New difficulty modes
  • The Gold Standard – all enemies get the gold buff, except Spectres which get the Nightmare buff. All Archviles are replaced with buffing Archviles.
  • Unbalanced Randomiser – all enemies have a ¼ chance of receiving a random buff with a further ¼ chance that the buff is being possessed by a spirit. As the name suggests which buffs you get and where is not at all balanced and could end up being not even remotely fair.
  • Spirit_AnythingCanDamage – Server, boolean, default is false. If true any weapon can damage a spirit, if false only weapons with the plasma damage type. If false the normal projectiles fired by the plasma rifle are given the plasma damage type.
  • GoldStandard_Visuals – Server, boolean, default is true. Affects if enemies appear gold when playing on The Gold Standard difficulty. If true they do, if false they are their normal colours. The actual buffs they get are the same regardless.
How to play
Requires GZDoom. Should work on any version 4.5.0 or higher, last tested on version 4.8.2 (the latest at time of writing).
There are 2 files Totems.pk3 and TotemsMaps.pk3 and they need to be loaded in that order. Totems.pk3 can be used by itself if you want to play the new difficulty modes on the default maps or any other map pack.
Should be played with the Doom2 iwad for the main maps, or the Chex3 iwad for the Chex map. The Chex map requires jumping to complete. The Doom maps do not require jumping but are designed around the fact that you can, so jumping shouldn’t skip or break anything.
100% kills should be possible in all maps, if it isn’t I consider that a bug, but I haven’t really designed for it. Some maps do have points of no return.
100% secrets is designed for.
All maps can be completed from pistol start if that’s what you’re into.
Both the totems and the maps should be compatible with most gameplay mods. However the maps do rely quite heavily on thing specials and I have noticed that some mods break these. If there is a specific gameplay mod you notice this breaks with let me know and I can try and come up with a fix, no promises though.

Can I use the totems in my own project?
First you will will need to give the objects DoomEd Numbers. You are welcome to copy those in the MAPINFO in TotemsMaps.pk3 but I added each of these as I was making them with some custom monsters used in the maps mixed in so the order is not particularly logical. Once you have done this and they appear in your editor of choice they are ready to be used.
The buff giver objects should be placed on the monster you want to give that buff to. That’s it. The same goes with the spirits. The spirits activate as soon as the map is loaded and will possess the nearest monster they find so if you want the player to actually see the spirit before the possession occurs you will need to spawn it in with a script or something.
The totems can be placed anywhere. They will buff anything within 640 map units, or if you want to a larger/smaller range you can set this in the objects Arg0. Be aware this range is not blocked by anything including walls, doors and null sectors.
If you want to edit, or copy bits of the zscript that makes it all work that’s also perfectly fine but fair warning; I haven’t done a great job of keeping it all readable. Also there may well be an updated version coming later based on any feedback I get, either bugs or around general balance.

(also included in the pk3)
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Re: [GZDoom] Totems. A series of maps around buffed up enemies

Post by DrFrnknsprtr »

Works well with EOA Eternal
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Re: [GZDoom] Totems. A series of maps around buffed up enemies

Post by Nightsentinel »

Outstanding work with the Totems. I was just looking for a mod that incluided the dynamics of Doom Eternal, Specially the Buffing archvile, The Spirit and the Buff Totem but could'nt find them anywhere, so a huge thank you for that!!
The only issue that I've found is that I am trying to use it together with the Embers of Armageddon (EOA) mod and I get a VM error "VM Execution aborted: tried to read from adress zero. Called from BuffHandler.Worldthingspawned at totems.pk3:zscript, line 41 .
Can you add compatibility with the EOA mod?

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