The [imgur] tag

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The [imgur] tag

Post by Rachael »

I hope by now you've noticed that the forums have changed a little bit. You didn't? How'd you manage that?

Anyway - one of the things that had to be changed in the update was the flexibility of the [imgur] tag. In the older version of the forum software it was possible to allow you to optionally specify https://[i.]<whatever> - where you can add the [i.], or don't.

Well the focus of the imgur tag's functionality has always been the "Copy" button that floats over the image. It does not produce the "i." part in its link.

The forum update has forced me to choose one or the other, it no longer allows me to support both. Since the copy button does not produce the "i." that means I went without.

Every post has been run through a reparser so some old imgur links will no longer work. If you suspect that the author of that post has not been around and won't be active anytime soon, simply report the post and ask a moderator to fix it. If you see any admin/mod's post that needs updating, feel free to use report for that too.

But if a user is active, please have them update the post themselves. We'd prefer not to touch their post if they can do it themselves.
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Re: The [imgur] tag

Post by m8f »

If one wants to make sure that their imgur images are correctly displayed, I'd recommend this:
- go to the advanced search
- keywords: i.imgur
- author: your nickname
- search within: message text only
- return first: 0

Then look if images are displayed as images or tags.

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