Need Help Extracting Models from Old Game

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Need Help Extracting Models from Old Game

Post by Exosphere »

I recently found a game called Rebel Moon Revolution, an old tactical FPS set on the Moon (which was never released but eventually the older demos were released in a functional form), and I am really interested in using the astronaut player models for my mod. However, I have been stumped as how to get at these models. The developers organized their files in a very unusual way, using a lot of RAR recovery volumes (or that is what WinRAR is telling me). On the ZDoom discord, I was suggested to use the NinjaRipper utility to extract the models in real-time, but that didn't appear to work. I did notice in a video about the released demo version that showed some of the models behind-the-scenes, and they appear to be vertex based, but I am not sure if that would make a difference.

Rebel Moon Revolution download

Rebel Moon Revolution (Resurrected) Video, where I saw the models possibly being vertex-based

If anyone would know how to get these models out of this game, it would be very much appreciated.

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