Monster Attack DECORATE

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Monster Attack DECORATE

Post by Misery »

Where can you find information regarding original Monster Attack offsets in the wiki?
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Re: Monster Attack DECORATE

Post by Enjay »

To amplify this question, I know that Misery is trying to find the offsets that the various monster attacks use for the position that they spawn their projectiles from.

I'm guessing that the majority will use what I believe are the defaults of X 0, Y 0, Z 32 but there are clearly some that do things a bit differently. I've had a poke around in the ZScript files myself. The definition for the Doom imp attack seems to use SpawnMissile with no parameters (so I am assuming the defaults) but I couldn't make much sense of the revenant one and that one presumably doesn't use defaults because the missiles seem to launch higher (though I vaguely remember something about the original Doom code spawning them at 32 and then shifting them up, or something).

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