Raven CBLOOD Ultimate Edition definitions

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Raven CBLOOD Ultimate Edition definitions

Post by Tesculpture »

These are blood colour definitions for use with Nash's CBLOOD Ultimate Edition for Heretic and Hexen. Like vanilla Doom, those two games have issues with monsters bleeding erroneously/the wrong colour, and these definitions seek to fix some of that. My decisions were made based on what happens during the monster's death animations. While its highly likely everyone has already made something like this themselves (credit to Nash for making it so easy!), I figured it couldn't hurt to put this up here.

To use these, load CBLOOD Ultimate Edition first, then the appropriate file for Heretic/Hexen.

So what's changed in Heretic?
Undead Warrior/Ghost Undead Warrior - No longer bleeds; what appears to be bright green blood when they die actually appears to be green flame as their body burns away. Their corpse is just their empty armour and cape left behind.

Disciple of D'Sparil - No longer bleeds; nothing in their death animation indicates they have blood of any sort. This also brings them in line with the similar Dark Bishops in Hexen.

So what's changed in Hexen?
Afrit - No longer bleeds; nothing in their death animation indicates bleeding from their injuries.

Korax - Now has dark green blood; his death animation clearly shows dark green blood, same as the Hell Nobles in Doom.

This mod doesn't do anything about the likes of Stalkers, which do have blood in their death animations but for some reason have +NOBLOOD natively.

>>>Download Heretic_cbd<<<

>>>Download Hexen_cbd<<<
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Re: Raven CBLOOD Ultimate Edition definitions

Post by Nash »

If you don't mind, I'd like to link to your thread from the CBlood thread. :)

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