Integer constant problem

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Black Devil
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Integer constant problem

Post by Black Devil »

There is an error message that starts up in my wad and it complains about one of the translation codes. The translation works perfectly fine, the specific colors have been changed accordingly, but it still issues me a mathematical error. Since the translation is taking an effect, it seems like the error isn't really necessary.
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Re: Integer constant problem

Post by Enjay »

Curious. I just tried:

Code: Select all

Actor TestMe
	Radius 16
	translation "5:8=123:127"
	height 24
	Scale 0.35
and I get no errors at all (and I always run with developer mode on, so I would get any warnings if they were there).
Obviously I don't see a translation because the sprites I chose don't have the relevant palette entries, but the actor works as expected.

I tried in GZDoom official, and a couple of different git builds (including the most recent). All worked fine.
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Graf Zahl
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Re: Integer constant problem

Post by Graf Zahl »

Also, screenshots cannot be debugged. You got to post the actual code, preferably as an attachment so that the forum does not reformat it.

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