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Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Leak - Resources

Post by Ozymandias81 »

Since the very first day of the recent leak of DNF2001, I built up 2 repositories to dump its files and not lose them, plus also to investigate the resources and rip them for modding. After a while I have joined a Discord channel that's filling up with tons of fixes and addons for the leak already, one of my repositories become important for the first stage of the fix process and for people who wants to try the leak rapidly without have the necessity to stitch up properly files and folders to boot it up. While sadly I can't run DukeED with the D3d8 wrapper since I am on Win7, I can at least view models and maybe replace textures to polish up the leak removing suspicious materials that could prevent in the nearly future to have a "sanitized" build with Single/MP playable experience plus the editing itself.

So there we go: using a very simple batch line that I have found by reading through tons of messages in the Discord channel, I have dump all TEXTURES and SOUNDS from the leak atm. Later maybe it will be possible the same for models through MeshED and some other stuff as well. I have barely slept for 3 days until today, so be kind if you think that my post reads a bit awkwardly or nonsense in some lines, but I am sure the Community here will find good use of these dumps.
More will come and ALWAYS BET ON DUKE.

Repository 1 - This repo has the "original" leak files but with copyrighted or suspicious material removed from the file structure, which should be replaced at later stage

Repository 2 - My attempt to improve the leak with the help of the community by fixing whatever is possible, these are the batch lines used for ripping stuff (SOUNDS & TEXTURES)

TEXTURES - They are in bmp format and I noticed that the "alpha" color is the same from Duke3d (if I am not wrong)

SOUNDS - While tons of these are embedded with Lee Jackson for credits. they are all .wav sounds that surely will be useful somewhere
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