HeXen Extended - weapon sprites extensions

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HeXen Extended - weapon sprites extensions

Post by neoworm »


I extended and expanded my original Widescreen project into a resource/base for my upcoming mods. This is culmination of my attempts to merge official GZDooM widescreen pack with my own previous attempts with addition of extending the sprites as far as reasonable.
Currently all vanilla weapons are extended both vertically and horizontally so they accomodate both widescreen resolutions and Weapon Sway mods like included Nash's one.
Titlescreens and other fullscreen graphics are still my 16:9 versions instead of those Ultrawide made by Nash since I like my versions better. I will eventually extend my versions to Ultrawide too.


Compared to the Widescreen mod this version doesn't aim to preserve original sprites and just extending them, but improves and remakes certain sprites to be more consisntent (cleric chainmail) better looking (Timons axe glow, Quietus) or simply look more according to my preference. I also included all additional sprites I made for the vanilla weapons that you are free to use for your mods.

Next step will by improving the animations for melee weapons since extending the graphics is nice, but the animations are still done just for 4:3 displays, so the weapon kinda teleports to corner of the screen instead swinging in from outside.

https://www.mediafire.com/file/f83xk4ug ... d.zip/file

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