Textures Parser (write and read) made in python

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Textures Parser (write and read) made in python

Post by Gianpt »

Hi, i made a small tool to parse TEXTURES text definitions in python.
It can read and write valid textures data blocks, can be usefull for automated scripts about large amount of textures.

full wiki and installation instructions in the project github

I will not release more updates unless someone want some specific feature.
Here an example of code:

Code: Select all

import zdtwriter # zdoom-textures-writer

# Make a new texture block
wall = TextureData("WALLBRICK",type = "walltexture", optional = True, scaleY = 1.2)

# Make a path block
p = PatchData("textures/brick.png")

# Add the patch in the texture

# Show on screen a texture block.

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