Sinthetic Shadow (Metroidvania Proof of Concept)

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Sinthetic Shadow (Metroidvania Proof of Concept)

Post by retrodeathrow »

While fooling around with a generic techbase that emphasized backtracking, I developed backtracking triggers in vanilla Doom, albeit the concept should work in any game. Basically, the unseen monster closet that is traditionally utilized by Doom maps now comes equipped with TWO doors- one that remains open and the other that closes again. And so, now, when Doomguy explores an area for a second or third time, new monster ecounters can occur. Merry freaking Christmas, you prince among demons!

You will need to load OTEX 1.1 along side this map and doom 2 map 01. You can complete it in under 15 minutes in all likelyhood. There are countless optional small loops for Doomguy to eplore, and the pace and toughness of the map changes dependent upon exploring these routes. The combat is none too spicy and all health packs have been doubled. Still, it certainly is not a walk in the park. The map definitely has its suprise moments and I hope you enjoy them. God bless! ... sp=sharing
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Re: Sinthetic Shadow (Metroidvania Proof of Concept)

Post by openroadracer »

Screenshots, please?

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