[Abandoned] Broken Lands

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[Abandoned] Broken Lands

Post by Jarewill »

No point in trying to avoid it any further.
This project was too much for me and I am unable to complete it with my current capabilities.
Thanks to everyone who showed interest, but this project lays abandoned.
Now back to the original post:

Hello again forums, it's been a while.
I have been working on a project for a while now and I wish to present to you the demo of it.
Welcome to:
Broken Lands! (name not final)

I know there isn't much to show, but I'm currently facing some hardware issues and I was in a bit of a panic-induced rush to get this out in a playable state in case I wouldn't be able to continue working on it.
As is, this includes a single map with a tutorial area, 3 kinds of enemies and most of the gameplay systems planned.

First of all, download link:
While it was planned to be a TC, I didn't get around to making it proper yet, so it still requires Doom 2 to run.
It should now run standalone without Doom 2.
However I am still new to making TCs, so as to how well it was done, I don't know.

And now screenshots of the map:
And credits:
I know there's not much to show for it currently, but I'm trying.
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Re: [WIP] Broken Lands (name not final)

Post by Jarewill »

Today I had motivation punch me right in the gut to remind me of this project.
And just like that, here I am, with a little update.

I have fixed the ledge climbing code and made monster pain chances based on the damage dealt to them in time rather than pure RNG.
So to get a monster into it's pain state, you gotta deal a specific amount of damage to it in the span of a single second.
I also cleaned up a lot of unused code, so there's that too.

Not much done, but I will be making more enemies and updating the demo with them soon-ish.
I also want to try to make all the needed work to convert it into a standalone .ipk3 file.
Making a first NPC is also pretty high on my priority list. (I even got a model of him already!)

Oh right, I also made up the name for it, though I am still unsure about it.
It fits setting-wise, but most of my mods follow the exact same formula of "just two words", so I don't know if I want to do it again here.
Alas, I am bad at naming things.
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Re: [WIP] Broken Lands (name not final)

Post by Gez »

Those little lofi skellingtons look adorable!
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Re: [WIP] Broken Lands (name not final)

Post by Captain J »

Hey, this is actually good! This mod is very innovative with proper crafting menu and weapon setting. I love the fact that every weapon in the game has their own merits but can be fairly challenging in battle. And btw, i've encountered few problems like:

- Crafting screen looks neat and i love to guess what ingredients can be merge into something, and hotkey is made after figuring it out. But some kind of direct message would be nice instead of printing it on the console, being covered by the menu hue.

- I like the Combat system, but it lacks visual graphics. I still appreciate it because you can imagine how you use your weapons Ultima style, though.

- Speaking of lacking something, new sound effects, we also might need. Might be a big help with the overall gameplay feedback. Like unsheathing your weapons.

- Enemy dogs fight each other after one of them dash toward to other one.

- Two-Handed weapons prevents you to add another weapon or shield. It's an obvious matter but are you considering to add some kind of magic spell later? That might be useful.

Overall, it's very progressive and creative. I'd like to see what kind of new stuff will be added in the next update!
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Re: [WIP] Broken Lands (name not final)

Post by Jarewill »

Hey, thanks for checking it out!
Spoiler: Reply
Thank you kindly for the feedback!

Edit: And updated with the fixed crafting menu.
Also added a quick "drop all" to the drop item menu.
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Re: [WIP] Broken Lands (name not final)

Post by Lagi »

thats a great mod!

melee combat is very nice nice - stick and board :-)

crafting is great - i hate this element usually, but here its done accessible.

my character is dashing instead of jumping not sure why - i select empty hand weapons, but still
edit: ok i need to press R to hide weapon (even punches :-) )

light radius of lantern is too small

i think the game freeze when i back stab? or is just player motionless, because it suppose to be backstab animation?

in combat the game with pushing and stepping forward is a little off.
player is standing too close to enemy, radius of player and monster should be a bit bigger
i think each hit should push back the enemy, same getting hit (parry or not) should push player back.
and player should not step forward with each hit (maybe only with power strikes if you make one later)

i notice when i make a slash there is multiple hitscan attacks, which feels weird, because the closer i stand the more hitscans will hit. I think there should be only one "connection" per attack (Hexen style autoaim in melee is good).

game is superb ugly, i think 2d sprites instead of models would be better (even if you make sprites from this skeleton renders). However in melee combat you can see the reach of enemy weapons with 3d models.
Also i have no clue how hard it is, but if you have models, you could add enemies being knock down, or knock back, which would make the combat more dynamic.

I will add player weapons as a next step, because lack of visual indication what im carry is very confusing

Manually picking up items is an unnecessary busy job - i want to pickup everything anyway.
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Re: [WIP] Broken Lands (name not final)

Post by Jarewill »

Hey, thanks for checking it out!
Spoiler: Replies
Once again thank you for the feedback!
I am currently suffering from a bit of a burn out, so it will be a while until another update.
Whenever I get motivation to work on this, that motivation gets quickly depleted when I have to open up Blender and make enemy models.
I need more enemies with more varied AI in this, but actually modelling them is painful to me.
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Re: [WIP] Broken Lands

Post by Jarewill »

After a long time of no motivation and not being in the right place mentally, I finally decided to return to this project.
After all, I already had the story and general premise of the game done a long time ago and it would be a shame for it to just be lost in my memory forever.

I started modelling a new enemy which I'm planning to make smarter and more challenging than the skeletons currently included:

A generic bandit it will be.
My modelwork didn't improve, but I'm fine with that, as I think it at least give the project its own style.

Looking back on my implementation of a few systems, I realised I should rewrite many of them.
I think instead of having 6 tiers of weapons, I would only have 1 tier that can be upgraded to be stronger.
Basically instead of having an iron longsword, steel longsword, mithril longsword, it would instead be longsword lv.1, longsword lv.2 and so on.
I would still include certain unique items that would share the moveset of the base weapon, such as a demonforged greatsword that is just a greatsword with a fire enchantment on it.
Talking about movesets, I should make certain weapons have combos and stuff instead of just "swing your weapon from side to side, come on it's time to go, do the DMCA!"

Systems such as stamina also are very barren right now.
Currently it only depletes on dodging, which makes it rather pointless in the project as a whole.
I don't want to make it deplete on running or jumping however as that would only make exploring more annoying.
Perhaps make attacks consume stamina?

But that will come later, for now I want to be done with the hardest part for me: Making enemy models.
Blender is the main reason why I lost motivation to work on this, but I'll try to get over that.
So for now enemy models, then I'll try to improve the general feel of gameplay before implementing other features I wanted such as a shop interface.

I know I didn't have any actual update with me today, but I saw other users on these forums post status updates, so I felt maybe I could do one too just to show I'm still working on this?
Well anyways, thank you for reading this.
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Re: [WIP] Broken Lands

Post by Jarewill »

Well, it's been 9 days, but the new update is out now.
I must confess that I did kinda rush the release because of how long it took to make him.

His moveset is a slight bit smarter I think, he dodges after getting attacked, can climb walls like the player and even has a powerful charge attack.
Though he is still shackled by Doom's AI, because trying to make something better is beyond me, I promise I'll try with bosses, because at least I'll be working with a static arena.
He is also pretty dumb because you can bait him to jump off a ledge for an easy kill, which is intentional.

I also released some other misc changes like a different inventory menu, weapons of the medium and heavy class having combos, attacks using up stamina, a new item which grants infinite stamina, so on.
Also dodging has been rebound to the "+crouch" key, so be sure to check your bindings. That was done to still allow jumping and platforming with weapons equipped.
Nothing else aside that I think.

Now my plans will be to add another enemy: The bandit leader.
He will be a tank clad in plate armor and wielding a halberd, way harder than the other enemies.
I already have his moveset in mind and all, practicing with a broom was useful!

It wasn't the most productive 9 days, but I still did way better than I did these past 4 months.
Thank you for reading.

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