Infested (E1) - GZDoom/UDMF, 3 maps

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Infested (E1) - GZDoom/UDMF, 3 maps

Post by ginc »

Infested is a GZDoom-compatible UDMF mapset.

In terms of gameplay it uses DOOM 2 as a base, but makes some tasteful (imo) modifications to things like monsters, weapons and encounters.
Aesthetically, it makes use of portals, 3d floors, custom texturing and some Doomcute to create some definitely not-DOOM-like areas.
I've made an effort to ensure that aesthetics don't get in the way of gameplay too much - there is still room to run-and-gun, many non-linear areas, and loads of monsters.

Download Infested v.1.1: ... sp=sharing

Source port: GZDoom (tested on 4.7.0)
Recommended compatibility settings: Tested with Default. Doom, Boom and MBF modes should also work. Doom (strict) and Boom (strict) are NOT recommended.
Jumping / Crouching / Freelook: No / No / Optional
Extra keybinds: Alt-Fire recommended
Game modes: Single player recommended, co-op will probably softlock, deathmatch not supported
Difficulty modes: Yes - lower difficulties reduce monster count, remove some "arena" traps, and reduce damage taken
Maps included: MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04 (epilogue)
Custom stuff: monsters, weapons, textures, sprites, MIDI music, scripting, etc.

I would describe the gameplay as equal parts adventure, chaos, and slaughter-lite.
Difficulty wise, I'm aiming for something similar to Valiant or Eviternity (or slightly harder), although this being only 3 maps the difficulty starts forgiving and increases quite a bit for the last one.

I would like to thank the Hellforge and Joy of Mapping discords for their help and support on this one. I've played a ton of WADs both new and old over the past 2 years, and this is my way of giving back. Maybe someone else will enjoy it and continue to spread the joy of DOOM!

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Re: Infested (E1) - GZDoom/UDMF, 3 maps

Post by kalensar »

I gave it a fair shot, but its a bit too much for my potato to handle. It looks really good from what I can see though.
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Re: Infested (E1) - GZDoom/UDMF, 3 maps

Post by Biffidok »

Nice colour trails on screens. And detailed environment. I hope gameplay wiil be good too
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Re: Infested (E1) - GZDoom/UDMF, 3 maps

Post by Enjay »

Mapping-wise, this is really good. Despite using standard Doom-res textures and (mostly) Doom art style, it manages to create some excellent, functional feeling "real" places. The trains parked in the station are amazing and of particular note. From the screenshot, I assumed that they were made of models, but they seem to be sector-based architecture (albeit modern GZDoom enabled Doom architecture). But everywhere looks great - some really nice advanced mapping here in a not-often seen kind of style.

The gameplay was less to my taste. It is "slaughter-lite" as the OP says and I honestly don't get why, or how, anyone can enjoy slaughter maps. I just find them tedious. I'd have much preferred progression from low tier enemies through to something tougher but I was faced with Hell knights and revenants pretty much from the get-go. Some people like that and that's fair enough, but - like I said - it's not my taste. The name of the Ultra Violence difficulty level does make up for it a bit though. ;)

So, yeah, stunning mapping work that I really enjoyed wandering around in and experiencing but the gameplay was off-putting for me. I fear that a -nomonsters walk-through wouldn't work because the scripts seem to depend on monsters but I honestly think I'd have more fun simply exploring the maps and marvelling at the architecture than I would fighting ever-spawning hordes of bullet sponges.
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Re: Infested (E1) - GZDoom/UDMF, 3 maps

Post by BROS_ETT_311 » that music from AM2R I hear?? LOL I love it already :biggrin:
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Re: Infested (E1) - GZDoom/UDMF, 3 maps

Post by eharper256 »

Indeed, this looks absolutely stellar; and its clear you're going with a D2016 approach with the Gore Nests.

But even with a couples of mods, this is tough map-set. It eventually got a bit too tough for me in the latter parts of the Tower level, playing HNTR. But I guess I kinda suck at slaughter in general.
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Re: Infested (E1) - GZDoom/UDMF, 3 maps

Post by dawnbreez »

This is just a personal thing for me, but I honestly do not get why you'd spawn an Archvile in the middle of a fight (the brown gorenest fight in map01, specifically). Archies are best used either as an immediate threat, or as something that spawns in at the end of a fight and immediately goes to work rezzing everything.

Then again, I also just kinda suck at anything slaughtery. I really do not understand how anybody manages it in vanilla.
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Re: Infested (E1) - GZDoom/UDMF, 3 maps

Post by sonoda »

this breaks when paired with other gameplay mods like false angel, i hope there are version that is compatible with other mods.

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